The Message

At some point a message from David the pilot will come over the system.

" I’m… not alone in here. I thought Ashley was dead. I mean her brains were visible S- she was dead but… she’s staring right at me. She wasn’t looking at me before. No body knows I’m here do they? Please I never…. Oh god! Please stop staring at me!"

Later on they will get one final message.

(Drained. Defeated. Slowing down in tempo)

“Heh… nobody’s out here I’m Just speaking to myself now. Just listening to my own voice to keep myself company. That thing is just staring at me like I’m so fucking interesting. I know it’s not Ashley. Just something operating her like… like some sick puppet. (shaky breath and pause) Hey, If there’s someone alive in this fucking bucket of ghosts. If you can hear me, I… I hope you get out…. I really hope you get out. "

The Message

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